Digging to A potenial Salvation

I’ll start again with a quote,

“We shall not cease from exploration. And the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time” T.S Elliot

Re-capping on the last blog, the answer we seek and strive to find; It is the true answer to all of your questions that isn’t intellectualized, sensationalized, or abstract, as its application and solution will make you happy. I don’t have ad-words, and I don’t make money. I’m giving this to you, I want you to have it. I want you to be happy, i want you to find the answer right here, right now:


Not scared of movies, not scared of death or clowns. Fear, pressed into you, forced unto you. Mechanically, through physical or economical arbitration. Even fond memories, justified in your wonderful head, rightfully so, “I was bad”, “I was immature”, “I was aggressive”… no, no you weren’t. If you did not choose to be there, and you had to be there, and those that were there forced unto you an idea or belief that you opposed, and you could not oppose it, and you accepted it, you live in fear.

You cannot see it, smell it, acknowledge it – it is a disjointed disc in your mind, controlling all your behavior, affecting and painting every day and every moment in a way that is alien to your true inner spark. It is there, because everyone has it. 100% of them, including you, and including me. I have it. I am so smart, so pronounced, intellectual, capable, free, and I am jailed just as you are by the fears forced unto me by those I could not rebel against for fear of mechanical or economical reprisal. You and me are children, and it is only because we have forgotten our fears that we do not see each other as kindred spirits – but we are.

I am your brother & you are my brother or sister, and if you did not have the disc of fear, you would feel my words as I feel them as I say them. My disc is there, but I look past it to see you, to see your disc, and see that it confounds you all of your life. No, I am not smarter, I found the disc through the life I’ve lead, and I am your brother, and I am sharing with you my discovery, with love, as a brother would.

I see a wrong, and I see how right you are when you are fearless, just as I am when I am fearless. And I want you to be fearless, as I want to be fearless.

((((( The fears are what are in your head, and it is discovering them that is difficult )))))

You think about your history, specifically your childhood and focus on all memories, even the seemingly really good ones and ask yourself how you were ever disciplined physically or financially. Whether you now agree with that discipline as a correct move on the part of your parents/teachers or not, recognize that such an event happened, and try to list all of the ones that you can. Even ask your parents or anyone else about it.

Then, accept that you were right in what it was that you were doing, and that the discipline that was enforced upon you was wrong, and that it has inherently placed a fear, or fears, within you.

That as a child when you were doing what you were doing, even if it may seem stupid or wrong, you were right – your purpose and need to do whatever it was doing was right, and it should have been your informed choice that lead to that action being taken or not. Rather than inform you correctly, you were disciplined, and this was absolutely incorrect.

Your freedom was restricted through some form of arbitrary threat to your survival – any lesson you learnt as a result carries with it also the fear of being beaten or starving, and if you carry within yourself the lesson of that event you will undoubtedly also carry the fear.

This is why analyzing moments in the past when you were disciplined, where you now believe it was a good thing, are relatively more potent memories because if you believe it was correct, you probably carry within yourself that lesson, which would also mean you carry the fear.

Find those fears by asking yourself about beliefs you had to agree to due to mechanical or economical threat, and you will discover the fear and resulting anger for its placement, within you. No one will take it from you, brother or sister, because they are all running from their own deep-bored fears, and will trample you in the process.

~A spoken word is a moment. A written word is eternal~

Moe R.