Writing: The chronicles (Part 1)

Whatever you think, be sure it is what you think;
whatever you want, be sure that is what you want;
whatever you feel, be sure that is what you feel.

When I have the keyboard in my grasp, I write & barely manage to stop

Writing is basically sending out thoughts, putting my own knowledge, fingers sweat, perspective, experience and attention into what I am to write so maybe (maybe) someone would read this & someone would acknowledge my existence as a person who gave time to create a paragraph or two.
We often find ourselves reading the words and absorbing the wisdom of an author. This author writes what he/she writes with the implied trust that those reading it will lend him/her the respect he/she needs to communicate his/her subject.

With every word deciding how to emotionally instruct the reader to not only comprehend, but at a higher level feel what he/she feels. Creating the “Art” in an “Article”

Here you are, reading my words. You do not know me, maybe you do know me well, maybe you want to know me or maybe not, but at this very moment, you look at the banner and stare, feeling that perhaps this is being said just as you read it, and it is communicating directly to you. Whoever you may be, I am touching your mind, and you are letting my aura escape the monitor you are looking at and fill your room.

Ridiculous, but I may be staring directly at you. I may, at some higher level, feel that you are reading my words, and will subconsciously store your reactions through telepathy in my mind. And if I were to cross you on a street and lock eyes with you, perhaps that brief instant of connection may be recognized.

I started writing this because I felt like writing, but had nothing to write about. Why did I want to write though? What is it that makes me desire the communication I am feeding you right now?

Is it possible that through telepathy I feel accomplishment by you reading this exact phrase, and me knowing that somehow I’ve become wider, immortalized, because the thoughts that once belonged to me are now part of a wider array, encompassing and affecting your life also?

If that were true, then it would be about power, the power to affect change in the world around me. As I write this & as you read it we both reach that conclusion together. That “I” as an author, desire power over you…I desire the power to control you, to make you think the way I think, to emotionally stimulate you, and to drug you into needing me to control you more & more.

Narcissistic? Don’t you think?

That power, control, knowledge & psychological warfare….Do you think it’s True?!