A prayer has been Set…

In the memory of..

Every moment
Every instance the wind moves a blade
Every second captured by my eyes
There is a soul
Being torn
Being raped
Being robbed
Of its enduring spirit
To sow beauty into this world


For every penetrating ray of sunshine
For every drop of rain
Every child that is born
Another is being broken
Being ruptured
Being ruined
Of its potential
To put love back into this world

For every tear that I shed
For every smile that seeps through
Every gesture that is given
A dozen more will be squeezed
A hundred more will be stained
A thousand more will never be seen
To fill this barren place
With seeds of inspiration

In a place surrounded by chances
By gleaming rivers and never-ending horizons
By birds with wings to soar with
By unforeseen currents and forces
So many lives are being perpetrated
Being annihilated and being obliterated


In a world so scarce of compassion
Of optimism being vindicated
A world in dire need of retribution
For the joyous heart and endless spirit
There is a child whose dreams
Will remain in his dreams
For the sleeping keep him sleeping
And the dead insure his death

~!~ A spoken Word is a Moment. A written Word is Eternal ~!~

Moe R