I’m Human

I tried to kill the shadow within me….


Years of analytical genocide has tempered my pen

in the fire of calculation.


Yet throughout all of it

the nib has never burned

though it has grown red-hot; searing

the page like a brand

laying bare that which I tried to destroy.


I am human.

To be human is to dream.


My books have dusted over

replaced by social networking sites and texts

filled with integrals and differentiations.

But their bookmarks still elicit a curiosity.

I have taken my tome off the shelf.


I am human.

To be human is to dream.

You can try to exist statistically

to remove the pain of loss

or the nirvana of love

but in the end, you ultimately fail.

For your blood is mainly plasma

and your heart is another muscle

but your brain

the neural network of electric and chemical signals

is a finicky tapestry

woven in an unfamiliar weave.



And so, again

the pen has been lifted again

and the hand is twitching

with stories and musings.


I am human.

To be human is to dream….



~!~ A spoken Word is a Moment. A written Word is Eternal ~!~


Moe R