An Endless Lament

Lacking answers
you look to others.

But they too
in all their search
have never found
that elusive grail.

That which
makes us complete;
The true meaning
of why we are here.



To a race in its childhood
happiness is all that counts.

But true happiness
can only be derived
from meaning.

Uhh a meaning..a meaning…what is the meaning??


The meaning the answer
The endless prancer
The chalice the arrow…the grail and the vase


The answer to life
Flys away on a kite
while a yearning in us
grasps like a child.


Seeing rainbows

pulled away
by a wind
we cannot see.

Leaving us disillusioned,
forever in search
of a life we knew
so long ago.

Do you want me to cut it short??

The way i see…the way i believe
We can never fool ourselves no matter how smart or stupid we are
According to instincts…according to built…according to people and go


No matter who we are.
No matter what we do.
We all seek acceptance.

But will that give u happiness..?!

Maybe not the whole cup..Yet a sufficient sip that can keep your thirst locked up,

Till you ask

for more…

~A spoken word is a moment. A written word is eternal~

Moe R.