One day just like any other day, with sunlight in the sky and clouds drifting by, I walked in a store from counter to counter.

When all at once a feeling was felt, my awareness was busting and my heart was aching and I paused for a moment to gather myself.

I looked all around and saw children and mothers, fathers and daughters and souls abound. A deafening feeling consumed my thoughts though my body did not utter a sound.

Forever and ever, an eternity of thanks, I looked up to God. I knew truth and the path ahead, I feared not life nor the day I was dead.

Then gone gone, an instant ago. It passed and passed and I was alone. Strangers abound, strangers about. I searched for that feeling but it was surely gone.

And it reminded me of youth, not so long ago, when I held the same mind and caged the same heart. Yet somewhere since, something had changed, for those feelings came so few and far between.

Memories of badness, memories of drought. Anger in my heart and malice in my eyes. There was a debt to pay, that was for sure. But the debt was pain, which held no allure.

Euphoric times, with musical chimes, ringing ringing ringing through my soul, with tears in my eyes and energetic cries.

What do I speak of but an intellectual idea, for I empathize not with any of these fictions. But real they are, or were at a time.

Not happy then, nor free or rich, but with something different I seemingly miss. An abstract idea about which I mope, which I now describe only as hope.

~A spoken word is a moment. A written word is eternal~

Moe R.