Ideological Understanding


….Previously I have read for Karl Marx on the definition of ideology and how he related its existence and meaning to a prism!

Why is ideology like a prism?

Webster says a prism is “a medium that distorts, slants, or colors whatever is viewed through it”.

It appears to me that Marx was the first great thinker to have coined the word “ideology”. Ideology is a distinctive form of reasoning about the individual and about the individual in society. Ideology is a systematically biased mode of thinking. Ideologies vary extensively in so far as the idioms used, the extent of bias, the degree of sophistication, the manner in which bias permeates various aspects of theory, and so on.

While ideologies vary widely in certain aspects all ideologies share some common characteristics. An identifiable logical structure is shared by all.

This structure includes:

1) a moral dimension,

2) it is biased toward a specific group and is biased against those out side this group,

3) an ideology cannot not directly defend it self because it rests on assumptions that have never been critically examined or even formulated,

4) Marx believes these assumptions to be “nothing more than the intellectual ‘transcripts’ of the conditions of existence of the social group whose point of view it reflects”.

Like viewing the world through a prism, the ideologue experiences the world in a distorted manner. ““What a man does not transcend in reality, he cannot effectively transcend in thought either. The limits of his existence are the limits of his thoughts. His basic assumptions are therefore ultimately nothing but his conditions of existence ‘reproduced’ in thought.””


(I apologize if my thoughts are hazzy & derailed but I can’t help explaining my point of  view  in regards to Karl’s words before i proceed further)

As for my simple ideologies; uh well it would never upgrade to such a level as Karl’s ideologies and understandings yet I can thread some of mine in words of poetry and prose that I believe some of you already have been acquainted with how it is on my previous articles that I have listed on wordpress blogs before …words are my weapon of choice and through words I’ll always exist

Everyone is apathetic, so I find solace in writing to myself.
The stubbornness of idealism always provides the path
That path rarely leads to the criticism of others
That path usually leads to changing oneself.

One day,
I’ll say goodbye.
And disappear.

One day,
All that will remain
Are memories.

I’ve suffered much but that’s not only in my thoughts,
If I considered myself a victim I’d be a coward taking less responsibility.
It’s important to prioritize oneself for longevity,
But sometimes it would be nice to be loved back.

One day,
I’ll see a star.
And it will all make sense.

One day,
I’ll melt away.
And become a passing thought.

I’m not sad but maybe a little happy
I feel resolved because i’ve surrendered
Bowed down to the conscience that will kill me
But keeps me looking at the sky.

One day,
All that will remain
Are pictures of me.

One day,
All that will remain
Is my Ideology.

Something familiar
Something safe
Anything compassionate,
Devotedly there.

One day…

Oh maybe one day.

One day…

But probably one day.

One day…

One day…

One day…

It will all make sense.

~A spoken word is a moment. A written word is eternal~

Moe R