A Bewildering State (Part 2)

Recapping on previous,

It’s “the Hole” that state of being where everything around you is so skewed that you yourself become unrecognizable to yourself. Ones weaknesses become indistinguishable to an individual and are instead accepted as reality, as who they are.

We have been within it and now..Let’s get out.


Climbing Out of the hole

For those individuals who still see and seek the light from outside of the hole, who refuse to change their nature, the climb out from the hole brings about immense suffering and isolation. Everything within the hole must be seen and understood.

All anchors, attachments and bonds to anything that is within the hole must be severed. This is the most difficult part. Each anchor, attachment and bond must be identified, thoroughly analyzed (the root and reason for it existing must be analyzed) and the effects of each must be understood. Usually these anchors are people or behaviors that have become habitual. During the removal of anchors the subconscious undergoes a period of change where past conditioning is realized and rejected. This is an extremely painful period. For usually this process involves realizing that the majority of people the individual cares for, and loves, are negative for them and actually impede upon the individuals progress. It involves realizing that others too are inside their own holes.

It means that any hope and trust placed upon others to take care and responsibility of you must be withdrawn. In doing this, an individual becomes stronger as they become capable of sustaining happiness in themselves without anyone else. They become capable of being content alone. Isolation with ones own thoughts and reflection is a huge aspect of climbing out of the hole. Being isolated and alone must be respected for with it comes clarity and awareness. Silence away from the world allows thoughts to manifest and mature. After this period, the individual should begin to feel bouts of levity and happiness towards life.



The Long Mile

The individual is still susceptible to temporary lapses or submissions to certain anchors that had the strongest holds on them. If the process of uprooting anchors was fast and vigilant then it is normal for the brain to experience bumps and to stumble. If not, then it should be the individual’s main priority to constantly be aware of anything that can and may be affecting them.

Usually, if there is a lapse, the answer will lie there, for the individual is affected by an outside influence. Once affected, it is easy to assume that you are back inside the hole, though you are not. All that being affected now does is deflate the positive air you had inflated yourself with. To re-inflate is a learning curve – for it is something that will need to be done many times before it no longer seems like a task. Being deflated, the feeling of being inside the hole, can be frightening.

It is important to remind yourself that you have overcome that feat and being deflated is a natural process for energy gets used. Learning to regenerate energy is the next step. As this occurs and more and more energy is sustained, the individual can begin filling their lives with positive energy supplying activities. Eventually deflation will no longer be a problem as energy will constantly be available and it will be under the individual’s control to stop and rest, rather than deflate.

However, before reaching the point of surplus supplies of energy, the key, (when low on energy), to regenerating lies with cocooning oneself away from influences that will cause any negative or draining affects. Isolation is essential. Keeping your thoughts neutral to ensure that runaway thoughts are kept at bay aides refueling. It’s also important to note that being affected means other thresholds will be weakened. This makes cocooning and isolation even more pertinent. Once refueled you can resume your rise towards replacing old anchors with new, positive, energy supplying ventures.



The Outcome

– Still….to be experimentally concluded –




~A spoken word is a moment. A written word is eternal~

Moe R.