Intellectual or Pretentious Trickster?!


As i sit on my patio, sipping my latte, stroking my goatee and reading Homage to Qwerty Uiop on my new Amazon Kindle, whilst discussing existentialism with my dog arthur sitting nearby, I cannot help but ask myself where to draw the line between when someone is pretentious and they are intellectual.

Being pretentious in itself, means pretending to have qualities which you do not, commonly referring to intellectualism. Most of my retorts in arguments involving words with more than 3 syllables are met with “Stop being pretentious” or some similar witty counter argument.

This is the first time I open up means for brainstorming,
So how can you tell between an intellectual and a trickster?





~A spoken word is a moment. A written word is eternal~

Moe R.