Manipulating Time

Woke up this morning early than usual, not insomniac not weary not worried; just pondering on upon a certain thought that carried on and swept me off.
Time has always been an intriguing issue to me..was it man made or god made?
Can it be manipulated or we are doomed to be stasis to its rules?

Can we trick it, maybe change or alter it
Will we always be subjected and never affecting?

I hate to be a puppet but i’ll be glad to be a good server
Yet gimme some power, some options something to control something to hold as an asset to not feel like am losing myself or not controlling a tiny bit of my soul….
As time is mainly the essence to it all…

If I could put time in a bottle,
I surely would.
I’d keep all the good times,
and what ever else I should.

With time in a bottle,
I could save all your time,
Put it away for a
better place in time.

With time in a bottle,
If I needed you around,
I could open it up,
And sit you right down.

With time in a bottle,
One things for sure,
I could keep you forever, and . . .
Forever be sure

~A spoken word is a moment. A written word is eternal~

Moe R.