A sudden Emotional Revolution

On the dawn of what seems to be one of the most critical times my country is passing through, I just got stroke by senses of appreciation. Appreciation to my life, the patriotism my countrymen have, the vibe & spirit hoovering around like fire in hay, the job that I’m occupying, the life I’m living and finally the special friends I value.


If you could use only a few words to describe what friendship means to you, what words would you choose? I choose loyalty, honesty, support, open mindedness, harmlessness, and unconditional Love. I have learned through the years that to have a friend requires being a friend. It relates to the adages: “What you reap, you sow.” or “What goes around comes around.” Friendship is a state of Being. It is not about doing something for another or having lots of possessions to attract another. It is about being a mirror in which the other sees himself/herself. In a Consciously open and honest friendship, growth is the miraculous process available to each friend. Communication is a key component to a sincere and authentic friendship. When full permission is given by both friends to speak the truth and create mutual growth, anything is possible.




True friendship is about seeing yourself and the other on Limitless basis. It is the experience of knowing another at Soul level. There is a recognition of the other as a part of me, an undeniable oneness that is beyond space and time. It may appear that the form of a particular friendship lasts one month, five years, or a lifetime. The actual connection between two Souls is ever present and everlasting no matter what the form looks like. When considered from this perspective of the Soul, friendship is being Love in each and every moment. We never know when someone will pop into our life and make a difference. By living in the moment, we can be open to all the opportunities friendship has to offer.


My friends are the signposts along the road. They light up my life by giving me the gifts of Love and acceptance. Friendship is about looking into the eyes of another and seeing myself. Friendship is about giving and receiving. Friendship is about remembering that there is really no one else out there. We are all one. Friendship is God’s magical, miraculous looking glass, through which we see each other with the eyes of Soul.





This basically how I’m feeling about it tonight

and the people I am tagging…across the years, the months, the days and all the moments we have got acquainted with each other; i just need to tell you that I’m grateful and privileged to have you gracefully waltzing in my life with that full throttle & power that you have affected on many levels in many situations that truly made me the person I am now with my advantages & disadvantages that you very well about.


Thank you for being in my life so far..friends & family:))






~A spoken word is a moment. A written word is eternal~


Moe R.