I Still Get Up

I’m overwhelmed with all that surrounds me. I struggle to push through, not always succeeding. I keep falling, as if I’m purposely letting the world and its crap push me down. Yet, I always manage to get up and try again.

I give off a vibe of knowledge and success. Looked upon by those around me as if I’ve accomplished something great, never knowing that no matter how much I struggle to succeed I keep failing.


I have scars from each time I’ve fallen, some larger than others, but at times I feel they are self-inflicted. That through all my struggles, I’m the one pushing myself over hoping to fail, hoping to just stop. Sometimes I think, “what if I don’t get up this time? What if this time I just don’t bother? I mean, I’ve gotten this far, isn’t that enough?” But there is always something inside me that drowns those thoughts out in the end and forces me to get up. Even if I am pushing myself down, a part of me refuses to stay down, no matter the number of failures.


I don’t dare bandage myself up; my scars must be exposed, at least to me. I can’t cover up my failures, because if I did I’d forget. Each fall, each scrape, each gushing wound, they are there to remind me how I fell and how I managed to get up. No matter how overwhelmed I’ve been and how far I’ve fallen, I never forget how to get up. I never forget how to push through…




~!~ A spoken word is A Moment. A written word is Eternal ~!~


Moe R