Blame or Lame!

Mmm..Why do you think human race hasn’t extinct yet?
Simply I answered: “He just adapted”

A couple of days ago, I had a little chat with a friend who told me something which made me THINK DEEPER. He asked me “Why do you think human race hasn’t extinct yet?” Although He went through different stages of life, some animals are becoming extinct now and others developed due to natural changes!”. Thank God for our respectable schools I answered quickly without even thinking “He just adapted.” After answering I found myself thinking of my answer as if it’s the first time to hear it. Metaphorically, it meant something deep. That’s it! I concluded that those people who blame circumstances curse their lives, blame others and pity themselves are just too lame. Stop and adapt!


Is it good to blame? or is it just too lame?! A lot of people tend to blame everything around them. Whenever something happens to them, they go on blaming others for being a major reason for these things to happen. Obvious example, the Arab countries and how they react towards any kind of division or misunderstanding. Every country blames the other for being less co-operative.

They end up pointing fingers to each others .Moreover, there are certain types of people who enjoy blaming others and making them feel guilty all the time. I bet there are some sort of parents who tend to blame their children for everything .If they fail, they blame them for being failures and irresponsible. If they succeed, they blame them for not trying harder to get higher grades. I think the parents are psychologically deep down inside are doubting themselves. They just hide their doubt through blaming others for whatever pops up.

Unfortunately, their children end up either desperately lacking confidence and communicating with people, or not caring anymore about succeeding .They grow more irresponsible and careless day after day. That is just TOO LAME!

On the other hand, the good type of blame is the one we tend to use when blaming the people who mean something to us .The positive kind of blame that leads us to a progress in any relationship. Sometimes blame is the key to communication. It helps us to know what bothers others from us and how to understand them as well .This kind of blame should be in all of us. However, just remember that moderation is a virtue.

It is good to blame those who hurt you or otherwise you will end up having a big scar in your heart and losing the bitter & the sweet of the relationship. Don’t let demons inside you get over you by telling you “He/She doesn’t care”, “I’ll embarrass myself”, “What is the use of this!”, “It is worthless he/she won’t change.” Just don’t!. If there is one reason you blame these people it is that you care.

It will strengthen your relationship. Even if you think they won’t care maybe this move that you take, makes them realise how caring you are and makes them care more and show that care. Remember the rule; don’t blame much because it will get meaningless over the time and more tasteless. Pointing fingers never was a solution. We are human beings. We aren’t perfect.

Don’t blame to the limit of LAME! just blame those you CARE!

~!~ A spoken Word is a Moment. A written Word is Eternal ~!~

Moe R