Prejudices in any form are based on fears.

But generally not relating to the object of prejudice directly.

For example, on the matter of racism a member of the Klu Klux Klan from the early 1900s would blame “niggers” for everything that is going wrong with America.

Yet, most of these people were victims of poverty and their leaders victims of personal insecurities. They feared starving, or their lack of beauty or natural confidence, or feared facing their unhappy lives.

As you can see these fears had nothing to do with African American people, yet black-people were the targets.

It’s called scapegoating, and the purpose of this scapegoating was to compensate for the calamity of their unhappy lives.

This is exactly what still exists today in the form of racism, prejudice, and nationalism (we scapegoat entire religions and countries).

So, to truly understand racism within an individual all you have to do is find out what they fear. This will inevitably form the basis for their prejudice
We need this difference to be understood. The customs and traditions culture imprints on us do so differently, but equally.

Not until we’ve amalgamated all the different genetic imprints, the cultural and traditional influences, will we see a day where we are truly equal…

At the moment, across the world, we are very different creatures, and so, as different creatures we need to understand what makes us different (to be together properly).

We are different, and we need to embrace this… it’s just unfortunate, due to fear or whatever, we see this difference as an obstacle, rather than a welcome challenge to be at one with that which is different…

Fear of difference can sometimes be considered just someone’s reaction to that which is different. The qualities which make the difference can be blown out of proportion, or seen as a bit too novel, superficial, rather than embraced in a deeper understanding…. There is a problem there, but, we are just ‘human’ after all. We can and do overcome this problem…

Part of the problem comes from how others (‘role models’, etc.) influence us… This can be one of the more difficult pressures to think around, as we often feel compelled to think a certain way (due to ‘peer pressure’)…

No one is immune, but we can remedy things by just understanding people are different, but we are equally different from each other… There is no ‘normal’, or ’middle-ground’, just a feeling that we need to value each other. That’s the feeling we most need to realize and work with…
~A spoken word is a moment. A written word is eternal~

Moe R.