A Man-Machine Theory

I’ve always have wondered about this, and a lot of people and situations come up where I’m constantly thinking…
When does a Machine become a Man, or when does a Man become a Machine? I know that Technologically and Scientifically speaking WE(i.e. Man) is a Machine. But what separates us from being a Machine such as a Computer? Is it a Sentience? Is it the ability to make a Third Decision(yes, no, maybe)…Or is it truly the fact that we can intertwine the Animalistic Instincts with our well oiled Machine like bodies? Is there a True Soul, something that keeps us from or separating ourselves as Man? What if we give a Machine the Third Option (Trinary PC’s are probably out there, if not already in the works)…What applications are possible?
Does this mean that the Machine has a soul now? Even if we ‘program’ a machine to fulfill certain tasks, who or whats to say we aren’t doing the same? When does the Spirit and Machine become one? Are we truly just…*pardon my analogy* Ghosts in a Shell? Sorry if this is repeating and trying on some people…I’d just like to see what others opinions are on the matter…What are your visions on this issue? Do you think its possible that one day Machine and Man will no longer be seen as separate entities?
Thoughts, Opinions, Flames, Rants!


The purpose of government and institutions is to turn us into automatons; to strip away ‘free thought’ and ‘free will’. Freedom/individuality leads to chaos. Society is the machine and we are the cogs on the gears. Those of us that have ‘burrs’ are either going to be beaten into shape or replaced. We send our children to school to be formed into just another cog like us (only a ‘better’ cog, with more than ‘I’ had when I was growing up). There is no possibility of winning the war against the machine because wherever you go there is a/the machine. Some machines try to fool us into believing there is no machine. We relax and then conform to the ‘norms’ of that ‘looser’ machine. And there is a perfect fit machine for each of us. Properly oiled with our favorite oil, powered by our fuel of choice, careening down…ever more down into the abyss of oneness. One big well controlled and regulated splatter mark on the butt-cheek of our world. Optimistically speaking, that is.

my theory is that there are at least two “types” of existence: physical and abstract. our bodies, brains, cells, and everything around us that causes us to experience are physical–however, the ability to experience these things at all, along with everything we see, know, and can name, are abstract. because a thought is not something that can be studied or observed, physically. there are parts of the brain that are associated with different aspects of thought, but that is as far as it goes. we cannot directly sense anything that is physical, but only the sensation that it creates second-handedly in our abstract minds. somehow, the physical and abstract become wound up and work together in our brains. I’m sure it is some sort of characteristic of our brains, how they work, what they do, that allows this to occur. now, the key to understanding if and when a computer can or is conscious in the same manner that we are–i.e. has this abstract thing called a mind that can experience the universe–is finding out what characteristic it is in our brains that allows it to occur. how can we do this? i have no idea. although, i don’t think that the blind conversation thing would work, because a computer could be just as advanced as the human brain, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that it is conscious. it could be more advanced than the human brain, and that doesn’t mean it either. really, the only entity that we can be sure of as being conscious is ourselves. however, the fact that people are able to talk about this thing that is undetectable physically, to recognize that it exists, even though it has basically no describable characteristics, seems to exist as evidence that they have it, but not necessarily proof i don’t think.


In the context of a ‘physical’ machine, I think that machines can never be really considered ‘life’ forms. My thinking revolves around senses. Life forms do not need an outsider interpreting or creating ‘senses’ for them. A machine may ‘sense’ but only what we (the programmers) define as sense. We can install a camera for vision, but must define what the ‘sights’ are and put that in its program. The same can be said for all the senses. A camera does not ‘know’ it is seeing something until we tell it about the differences between something and nothing. A baby looks/listens for its mother and responds differently if a sign or no sign is found. We didn’t program that baby’s brain to look or listen, it is inherent. In a machine, there is no interpretation without a program. There will always need to be a program and the ability to shut it off and a need for unnatural objects to produce energy – batteries or the like.
There may be a day when man and machine can be united. There will certainly come a day when we can ‘learn’ by ‘downloading’ a program. But the day you throw a switch on a living person and shut him ‘OFF’ with the intention of turning him back ‘ON’ a week from Wednesday is never going to come.

~A spoken word is a moment. A written word is eternal~

Moe R.