LIFE “The Greatest Task Ever Taken”



The Past. The Present. The Future. The three times that formulate life. They come in sequence and they depend on each other. They sometimes overlap too, and one can live in a mixture of both, present and past or present and future. But there will always be this inevitable stage, the present. It is true that it is inevitable but it is also not always pleasing and satisfying, and that’s where the overlap mostly takes place.



It is as normal as waking up in the morning that somebody feels unsatisfied about their present life; they feel unhappy and start looking at everything from a negative point of view. Naturally, because they don’t want to feel sad they search for an escape, somewhere to go to where they believe they will feel better. This place is involuntarily the past.

Without even thinking, they will find their past beautiful memories all coming back to them and start living a phase in the past during the present. They will remember old friends, look through old pictures and maybe listen to their favourite 10 year old songs. They will smile with tears in their eyes and shiver down their spine as these memories keep on doing their dazzling attack. They will feel happier. Safer. They are living in the present in the past; they know what happened, why and when. Even the bad memories, it’s not like they are not going to be remembered, but will be thought about as “not as bad as now, nothing can be worse than now”. I believe this happens because of an inability to face the present whether being unready to or fearing the consequences of it, which reflects in the bad feeling those people experience.


The different action towards this bad “present” feeling is to jump into the future and have the ability to create an image of what might happen after that, but this action will not be involuntarily. It will consider a lot of thinking and high spirits to be able to outline an unknown picture, bearing in mind the bad mood and negative perspective one is in. That is why this probably never happens, as those who are so optimistic and strong are few. One is ready to create something new, unknown and having all doubts about its authenticity only when one has the initiative, and it must be a good one.

The present is the outcome of the past and the future is the prediction out of both. Ups and downs are inevitable, so is the present. Living the past is not creative but it definitely creates a sense of peace to the tensed soul.




~A spoken word is a moment. A written word is eternal~

Moe R.