The Endless Battle

Recapping on the usual and ongoing conflict of religion happening around n will still always happen apparently;

There may be no commonly agreed upon definition of God, I would say that whatever path you follow, you follow to find a definition that works for you. Whether it’s through experience or insight, religions strive to provide a way to discover what god, whether that be an actual spiritual deity or an ideal, means to the individual. Just because we can’t all agree on a single definition doesn’t mean that everyone’s god is the same. It just means that they are all unique.

all religions lead toward the highest set of ideals that belongs to the it’s followers. Happiness and courage and freedom isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. But its funny. Those who are involved in negative thought based religions (no finger pointing) still seek the same type of emotions as all others.

Acceptance, triumph in an argument or idea, fellowship with others who share common beliefs etc. It’s all relative, what i mean is that all people do enjoy happiness or stimulation of that sort, it’s just that every person is different and has a different idea of how they’re going to make themselves feel that way and a different idea of what exactly that way is.

Where there is difference, there will be a judge to that difference. I’m talking within (intra) the human race. Now, in evolution studies we have the idea of survival of the fittest. And by its merit, we could argue that those with the best attributes that constitute to the general success of that general species will be favored and those less desirable will be petered out. That exists, let us say, for those species lower down the food chain.

However, I believe, its a belief, I don’ think I could justify it to you, that within nature those who are nearer the top of the food chain, or to be exact, those at the top of the food chain have a slightly different set of rules. That’s because, rather than outside influence, the influence is from within. Now as I say, we are within nature. Due to this, the problem becomes more, into the psychological domain than the physiological domain. And this stems up to the top of the human race; those at the top, seem to have more psychological weight. Now we enter the realm of what determines what is part of this psychological manifestation?

This is more tricky. From experience, and from what I see as respect between the highest leaders in different education and sporting (though less) and political domains seems to be their effectiveness of wisdom underlying which is a kind of respect for all humans. Due to slight situations and propaganda and educational flaws, and personal judgment flaws, generalities come into play and groups are formed. The hardest thing now comes about for the person who loves people and yet they find themselves forced to have to make a choice between two things who are different (e.g. whites and blacks, protestants and roman Catholics and Muslims and Christians).

Personally its my wish that one day all these people come together. And I’m sure all people feel this deep down. I find myself in a situation I don’t like; where my wisdom for what could be and my wisdom of what is can’t seem to blend. And that’s a real shame. But its the truth.

It is my hope, and that’s what I have because I’m short of answers I’m afraid, that we can all get along happily. For now we must, individually, as people, start with ourselves, and then it can stem to family, friends, and wider. Just remember, equality means just that; apply it personally; I’m afraid I can’t influence major politicians and religions but at least know that if you want to be the best there is, philosophically and, though I haven’t really sone this very well, arguably biologically or scientifically, we must each of us stand for equality; a level respect for each other and for ourselves.



~A spoken word is a moment. A written word is eternal~

Moe R.