The Grass is Greener

There’s always that believe that whatever that has not been experienced or seen is better than what has been. An urge to explore the unknown and find out about the so-called mysterious secrets of this life has always been and will always be there. You know those people who can never have enough? They are the stars of this show!

The feeling of dissatisfaction about anything and everything leads those people to searching all the different places from where they can get an “enhanced” lifestyle or, if possible, change it completely. Searching the world for better job opportunities and higher salaries, that’s the simple perspective. Developing from a black and white TV to LCDs. Refusing to depend on horses and camels for transportation reflecting in the invention of all other kinds of transportation, that’s the complex perspective. These are not the only examples, of course, there are millions of other things, from the smallest detail to the most sophisticated need. Though it is not a need for the thing itself as much as it is the need to expand and develop, the need to satisfy this ego.

Why do those people always have this urge to go to the other side? What makes them think that the grass is greener there? Is it because they believe that the ground where they stand is not firm enough or that because they “know” life doesn’t stop here? It certainly doesn’t stop anywhere or else we wouldn’t be where we are now. It’s an everlasting cycle and it is so because of sought greener side.




~A spoken word is a moment. A written word is eternal~

Moe R.