Relativity of Relativity

Anyone who’s got a domineering character will understand the difficulty of this topic, Relativity. How many times in your life did you try to force something down the throat of someone else and failed? Too many, that’s how many, and the reason is simply relativity.

Your point of view of what’s right could very well be someone Else’s point of view of what’s wrong, and the problem here won’t be the disagreement, it’ll rather be the confusion of not knowing who’s right is the Right. Now this case follows in everything in life, regardless its grandeur.

Everything is relative and that what makes life as hard as it is, nothing’s definite.

As mush as this relativity thing is confusing it is all the spices and sugar in life. What fun could life be if everybody thought, felt, and did things the same? It’ll be like an enormous punctual machine with a definite mechanism that never changes, doesn’t that sound boring? It’ll celebrate the end of creativity and invention, the end of thinking in general whether it’s good or bad, but then again who’s to decide if it’s good or bad? It’s relative! Relativity creates diversity, thus the beauty, fascination, and excitement of this life.

Yet those things are not necessarily the essentials of life to some people which makes relativity affect something else in their lives and brings us back to the same point (that everything is relative) although differently which is: the relativity of relativity.


~A spoken word is a moment. A written word is eternal~

Moe R.