The Fear Factor

There is too much emphasis on success and failure, and too little on how a person grows as he works. Enjoy the journey, enjoy every moment, and quit worrying about winning or losing.
–Matt Biondi, (1965 – ) Swimmer, Olympic gold medalist


An Advice to a dear friend;

Fear of failure is one of the main things that hinders our will and determination in order to continue walking down through the path of success. It is our success’ poison because it controls our state of mind and our passion.The man who fears failure is someone who predicts the future which is only controlled by God.No one can assure what will happen in the next couple of minutes.Then, whats the reason behind fearing failure.

Moreover, the reasons behind their failure which they created, believed and tried to convince others that these were the reasons behind their failure is that life treated them unfairly.Furthermore,they stopped trying again and again in order to get back what they have already lost. Sometimes the fear of failure can be a weapon that kills its owner.How many times you were afraid to go through a certain relationship only because you fear its end, or maybe you are just afraid to fail and destroy this relationship or else hurt the other person’s feelings. Ohh …and how many times your inner voice kept on echoing inside you “I am afraid of tomorrow am afraid of afraid of today!”.

Most of the time we hide the feeling of fear and categorize it.Some of us just admit it that they are afraid of what might happen to them.What is life holding for them!

Only the brave ones face their fear ,control it and obviously these are the successful ones. Linking success with fear helps us to identify our enemy and control the driving force of our failure.We should not let our fear prevents us from succeeding and remember that man is the one who creates his own fear.




~A spoken word is a moment. A written word is eternal~

Moe R.