Double Checking on Positivity

There are many suggestions to think positively when dealing with certain situations, because positive thinking will guide someone into success. Some of the world’s famous people must have said motivational words to encourage this because they realize how important it is to think positively.

Former England’s Prime Minister Winston Churchill has a famous quote: “A pessimist sees difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees opportunity in every difficulty.” There aren’t any differences in the object faced by a pessimist and optimist. The way they view that object is what makes the difference. An optimist sees with positive thought while a pessimist sees with negative thought.

Positive thinking will not only result in good achievement, but also incredible results. Even the only way to produce the best work or new invention is started by positive thinking. Internet would not have been born if the inventor, Leonard Kleinrock, hadn’t believed that one computer could be connected to other computers. Now we know that without his thinking, the world will not be connected like today because of the internet. There wouldn’t have been Facebook if Mark Zuckerberg had not believed that friend’s interaction is the future of social interaction. At present, we can see how many people are attached to this social network.

However, we cannot think positively all the time. People think positively in the morning, then turn into negative at noon. Sometimes, when we truly believe that positive thinking is necessary, we always tempted to think negatively. Uncertainty, doubt, lack of self-confidence, lack of knowledge and preparation are the disturbing factors that turn positive thinking into negative.

Positive thinking must be a habit that needs to be rehearsed all the time so one day it will turn into character. But how do we make this into a habit? Here are some useful tips.

• Daily verbal affirmation

When we are faced with opportunity or challenge, there are 2 possibilities. We can overcome and keep going, or on the other hand, we feel doubtful about our ability. Technically, we are capable of doing it, but our disbelief pulls us on a static state that we can’t do anything.

According to some experts, the best solution to deal with this problem is by making affirmation; saying positive words to ourselves. In the morning after we wake up, say to ourselves that we can do anything we want. Say things like “Yes, you can!” or “You can do it!”. The louder we say it, the more it will affect our mind. Do it every day for 10 minutes.
Affirmation can also be done when we exercise. When jogging or doing other kind of exercise, we can say “You can!”, “You are strong!”, and so on.

• Use positive words

Using positive words will have positive impact. An expert named Dr. Susan Jeffers says, “It doesn’t matter if we believe in those words or not, those words will affect our sub-conscious mind.”

If we are used to using negative words, we will receive negative results. And if we use positive words, then positive results are what we are going to get.

• Put the picture or writing

Without us realizing it, we might have stuck pictures of the things that we’ve accomplished years ago. When we wanted a Mercedes Benz, the picture of our dream car had been framed when we were teenagers. Now we can have it. For example, when we were college student, we wanted to become a businessman. Then without realizing it, we wrote down the word ‘entrepreneur’ on our door. And now, we’ve actually become an entrepreneur.

Therefore, visualizing what we want will give us positive impact when we try to make it happen. Hang the picture or the word(s) of the things that we want to achieve. Look at it every time we have an opportunity, imagine our feeling if we finally make it. This will encourage positive thoughts in our mind.

• Fill our surrounding with positive images

Filling our surrounding here does not mean sticking pictures all over our wall. However, do not tolerate images that will result in negative thinking, and fill our surrounding with positive images. This image can be motivational posters, inspirational photos, or even affirmative writings to ensure ourselves in a form of a small card or sticker that can be seen easily.

Decorate room with inspirational poster or photo that can lift our spirit and encourage us. Don’t underestimate small note of positive writing that we put in the side of computer screen or other visible places. Once we are in a stressful situation, take a look at the note, or read it so that we can focus back to our goal.

• Always say thank you

Being thankful will affect our mind. The phrase “thank you” will give us positive thoughts. But, how many times in a day we say that word? We might have forgotten to say it if someone helps us when we fall. Not mention when our shoes is cleaned by the servant; yet not even once we say “thank you”.

Actually, the more we say ‘thank you’, the more positive thoughts that come into our mind. Therefore before we sleep, say ‘thank you’ for all the things we’ve received today. Be thankful for the life we live. Be thankful for our health. Be thankful for the work we’ve accomplished. We thank our friends who are kind to us. And say ‘thank you’ to many other things in life.



~A spoken word is a moment. A written word is eternal~

Moe R.