At Ease!


Sometimes we may feel out of balance, in one way or another: we may feel irritable, impatient, stressed for little or no apparent reason, depressed, or apathetic – just to mention a few ‘not-so-pleasant’ states.

Over the years I have observed that there are many factors which can make us feel not at ease with ourselves.

For instance, lack of sleep, heavy foods, hormonal imbalances and changes, a prolonged physical or emotional pain, a demanding job, or having people wanting your attention almost continuously can also contribute to feeling drained and stressed.

For me it’s very important that I feel at ease with myself – among other things, because I’m not a very pleasant person to deal with when I feel irritable or stressed 😉

I have found that it all lays in knowing yourself better and better. When I find myself out of balance, I know exactly what it is that I usually need: I need to have time for myself, and to speak to people as little as possible – maybe go to the park and spend a couple of hours sitting on the grass, leaning against a tree, observing the animals.

If I choose to speak to friends, I will choose those friends who understand how I’m feeling and who may help me to get back into balance.

If in any way you feel out of balance, here are a few things that you can do to get back to a state of ease:

– Walking – simply the act of walking can help to leave behind all stress, step by step

– Sitting in silence somewhere quiet

– Spending time in Nature – going to the park, walking your dog, playing with your cat, feeding pigeons, going to the beach…

– Taking a shower or a bath

– Looking at the people moving around & analyze

– Sitting by the beach

Each of us is unique and only you will know how you get to feel recharged. Know that there is always a few ways for you to go back to balance; be open to listen to your intuition and you will know what’s best for you.





~A spoken word is a moment. A written word is eternal~

Moe R.