Is it “To act” or “To react” ?!

Life is a random pattern of actions and reactions. Things happen, or are made to happen and subsequently a reaction happens. What comes first of that we all know, but which one should be faster? Which one should not take the longer time to occur? The action or the reaction?

When I thought about this, I came up to a conclusion that there are two types of actions and reactions; one is controlling both, the other is controlling one of them only. So, if you are the one responsible for your action and its reaction then you should give the action a long time thinking so that your reaction is the right one, thus the reaction will be faster.

We have a lot of examples of this case, things like studying to pass the exams…action: studying (very long time)…reaction: passing the exams, a father bringing up his child…action: the process of bringing up the child…reaction: seeing him after 20 years a fine man. The other type is different, if you are in the position of the “Actioner” then you will be taking a long time preparing and thinking just in order to get this one action right, and so you will be able to expect the reaction, like provoking someone on purpose, or calling someone you have a crush on in the middle of night just to say hi.

But if you’re the “Reactioner”, meaning, something had already happened and you don’t have the free hand to think of whatever you like and come up with it, you’re the consequence here and it depends on you, how long you want it to take, like if you’re provoked by someone and you can tell that they are doing this on purpose then should you react right away and get provoked, thus the expected reaction, or give yourself sometime to calm down and think of the a better reaction, or when someone acts like they have feelings for you, will you choose to rush into it and enjoy the moment or give it a good time thinking whether you too have feelings for this person or not.


It is very balancing to measure life from this perspective of continuous actions and reactions, it gives a sustained feeling of knowing what you want, what you need to do and what you want to do.




~A spoken word is a moment. A written word is eternal~

Moe R.