Every now and then a person appears in our lives with something different, something smart and remarkable. Different thoughts, smarter ideas and remarkable actions. No, I’m not talking about the A+ students, I’m talking about people who are more interesting than that. The Out-standers.

To fit in is like the main target of any one who wants to be part of a certain group, “out-standers” find achieving this really hard. They spend most of their childhood trying to find other “out-standers” and can’t understand why they don’t fit with other kids. On realizing their outstanding character they become more aware of their choices, thus finding more difficulty in coping with a lot more people. Their lives could get lonely at some point, confused in this phase of not knowing which to choose: minds or people.

After this phase of confusion comes a decision, either to mingle with the society and that will end up in not being an out-stander anymore, because normal people can’t stand out-standers. He/she will give up on their outstanding minds and become like any one else, but with this advantage of having more friends and a livelier life, or they could keep their minds but end up almost alone, with a very limited number of friends (who will probably be out-standers as well) and a life, most probably successful but not alive with people in it.


Life is all about the tough choices we make and the consequences we have to put up with. After all no one can have it all and it’s a choice of whether you want to go with the flow … or against it.



~A spoken word is a moment. A written word is eternal~

Moe R.