We Think, We Change….We Live!

Life is a mystery, Everyone thinks that people come and go and life is always still there never changes and is always there for new people to come to as new off- springs.

while on the other hand I find that every person that leaves this world takes a part of life with him/her either it’s good or bad, exciting or boring, memorable or not every human being who has walked this earth or hasn’t yet been brought to it shall definitely cause a change in life of either living or dead or people who are yet to come. It doesn’t matter if it is a slight change, or huge , for many small and Innocent changes could cause one major change in the lives of mankind.

Examples for changes in life:

  1. Different eras with different threats and ambitions.
  2. Hope created for and by people who are suffering and by people who see others suffering.
  3. The eternal faith in God, and the right decisions on the right track and actual stairway to heaven.


Decisions we make today will change our future. We all know that time is going to go forward into some type of future and that good and bad events will continue to occur. Past events are the setup for the future. If you were able to go back to the past, what small changes would you make? If you could travel back in time and make a few small changes you would discover that it would change everything.

By making the smallest changes to body, mind and relationships you change the dynamic system of your life. Overtime these small changes will make a dramatic effect on your life. Have you ever considered quitting smoking or losing 30 pounds? Besides the obvious health benefits, it would change everything in your life. You would probably live longer and be able to enjoy your children and grandchildren. You would have more energy to be athletic or travel. Your children and grandchildren may follow your example. You might then start a campaign to stop smoking in your neighborhood or a diet and exercise program for the neighborhood youth. Can you see how you can change everything?



But you will not go back in time and steer things your way,

Yet by taking small steps to change your future you can then utilize it perfectly. Imagine how you can invoke some small change in your life now that would ultimately change your whole life. If by changing a series of small things you create stepping-stones to your future, your entire life could be transformed.


This 100 % works,  largely because everything in the universe is connected. Knowing the possible impact of your actions should effect your choices and decisions. When making small changes we also build momentum for the tasks and changes that will follow. Remember, the Butterfly Effect says small changes over time realizes big effects. Changing the future expected can dramatically change your life with very little effort. So what are you waiting for?… Start moving already.




~A spoken word is a moment. A written word is eternal~

Moe R.