Ever The Perceptionist

Ever the optimist.

I look out my window and see…

Cars drive past, celebrating the invention of the wheel.
We have come so far from caves and clubs. Every human I see wants to better himself. To see the rainbows of living and feel a deep passion while existing. We have discovered so much and invented ever more.

We live in a pacified, happy environment. Food is abundant. Warmth is ever near. Each person that drives past my window is going happily forward to make a better way of life for the world.

Like bees, industriously working to make our hive more productive, each one of them moves to their designated place, and will strive hard to make my existence, and their own all the more happier.

The sun sets on all that mankind has discovered, invented and built to make life that much better, and the people appreciate that fact.

Ever the pessimist.

I look out my window and see…

Selfish humans, never even thinking on the invention their ancestors made for them, driving one car to one person, even though they could easily share the ride. Spewing pollution from their exhausts, never having the brains to realize the poison emitting from something they so easily use to get from A to B is destroying the universe above them and the world in their lungs.

They are so lost in their own thoughts. Their insignificant dreams and mundane needs are all that ever matter. They will live and die in a world of greed, ignoring the fact they destroy that which is good, in their fight to desperately keep their own herd mentality from death, with a veil of jaded complacency.

The beautiful sun that has laid its art before all is not even seen, in the cattle rush to wander from A to B… and never really go anywhere at all.

Ever the Realist.

I look out my window and see…

Motor vehicles roar past. The invention of the wheel to better ourselves, just another tool to move forward. Humankind pushes ahead, thoughts and feelings are nothing. Hedonism and individuality are for the “here and now.” Nothing matters. It just is.

The world turns. The sun rises on all humanities plans, and falls on all its disappointments.

It is oblivious to us. Wether we are Hitler or Einstein, the sun gives us light and warmth, and never takes sides.

People exist and die, live, laugh, hate and cry. And thier dreams are dreamt and their existence is merely the smallest ripple in an immense ocean.




My opinion is nothing. I, in all my selfish egotism, will never make a feather’s dent.

But, things will go on. Wether I see the people outside my window as good or bad- they will still drive past. And the sun will still set, and the inventions will still come. And I will still forever be able to see it in any way I choose.

~A spoken word is a moment. A written word is eternal~

Moe R.