Ignorance is a Bless

“The greater our knowledge increases the more our ignorance unfolds”
John F. Kennedy

Have you ever thought so deeply about everything that you stepped back finally and realized that you’re better off just taking things simply or just letting things go instead of complicating them?

I think I’ve hit my rock bottom.
But it sucks when ignorance becomes torture instead of bliss because you’re too painfully aware you’re trying to be ignorant.

I’d prefer meaningful discussions over small talk, but subjecting myself to constant deep thought is starting to take its toll and causing all sorts of personal messes. So how do you just let yourself go? Just be silly and simple, when since your birth you were always more peculiar about things around you than your peers?

I wouldn’t want to be ignorant although there was a time that I felt I did. I think balance is very important though between silly and fun and really digging into the depths of how we operate. And generally the silly and fun activities don’t require or don’t spark any sort of deep thinking so it’s an easy “get-away”. Although I guess you can get into the mysteries of this or that as you’re toddling down a hill!

I find that perception is very important to keep things in check in terms of how deep thinking affects us. It’s possible to view things from a somewhat emotionally detached place, from a place of assessment, and therefore not be affected by them in the same way as if we allow the emotional side of it all to affect us. Assess things form a “researcher’s” mindset with as little attachment to outcome and as little emotion as possible and things become far easier to take.

Well, I am quite different. If u ever meet me, without knowing who I am, u’ll immediately think I am one who only knows how to have fun, u’ll think I am one of those high school kids who only know how to be popular etc, u know like some dumb blonde(no offence). I mean I don’t study etc, so me as a philosophical person would be the last thing on any ones mind! Even my parents don’t know the real me! U guys are the only ones!

U know, this double sided personality actually helps me, because my ‘fun’ side allows me to relax. Yes we should question everything.
But not all the time. I mean, imagine your having sex, and your thinking about the miracle of the sperm! 😛

But what do you do that doesn’t give the real impression of you?
I realized I was an intellectual when I would constantly question everything in my classes or whatever my parents said. I could hardly accept anything without questioning it. Sometimes, And now I am more stopping doing what I’m doing (like having fun at parties and mingling a lot) because I questioned it. Other times, I ignore my questions and fall prey to my impulses and pleasures.

Though sometimes I definitely confuse myself or maybe all of us. At least I do. questioning something, then I question my question, then I question my second question, and it goes on. The cycle of thoughts.

There are days that I can not go to sleep because my mind is buzzing with thoughts. I didn’t even know the meaning of philosophy before. I just realized, on another day of self searching, that my hobby was not sports, chess, or play-station. I liked to think. Now if people ask you what you like to do, and you say, “Well, I like thinking,” you’d get that strange look. Thinking isn’t material; it’s abstract.

Einstein has the greatest quotes and I believe in everything he says. That guy thought so much, he forgot to eat or wear proper clothing. I wish I could meet him.

All in all let me just say that:

As complicated we make life it is quite simple

Though “I would rather live a painful truth than a happy lie”

~A spoken word is a moment. A written word is eternal~

Moe R.