She smiles & asks, “Hey what’s …

 your Star Sign?”
And that’s how the conversation started between two people talking somewhere or a group of people having (what’s supposed to be) a shallow simple conversation about an unrealistic subject that’s well known to be pure nonsense, Yet people really get into the subject and start analyzing further how their & other people’s personalities, characteristics, future, reactions, etc.. are like, to the extend of even predicting their possible future.

To me horoscope is a kind of entertainment. I don’t believe in any of the theories about it even sometimes it’s saying or reasoning sounds greatly related to my real conditions. However I think it’s just a speculation from some people who make a living on it or simply wanna have fun through it .well,I do have friends who try to explain everything using astrology when it comes to some personal problems. And they are always firm in that one’s character has something to do with the horoscope!

Nowadays, amongst one of the very first questions to be asked while on a first date or when just starting to get to know someone is often “ What is your star sign?”. And on that basis, a person starts to judge if that other person could be for them and whether or not they will match, on not only an intimate level but also if their ideologies are in sync or not. Do you think this is a fair way of thinking? Or could we be blocking ourselves from someone with whom we could truly relate and mesh with?

When a girl meets a boy there is a certain attraction that takes place; usually when you have a crush on someone whether it being a girl or a guy, from far away it is very simple to see that person as perfect and flawless. So usually before you get to emotionally attached, most of us would like to know what the personality in front of us would be like up close and personal because we all know shiny covers do deceive. So how is a person to do this? On what basis will we begin to predict a person’s personality from out going to deep? Some think that people born under the same sun sign share mainly the same core characteristics or traits. On this basis they start to open their eyes to check if the traits of that certain sun sign match that of their crush (the subject of analysis) and start to see if they match the bill and whether or not that is a character they can handle if there were to be a future.

But how far is too far? Is it right for a person to write someone off simply because they’re a Virgo and not a Leo? They could be passing up a very good opportunity because while I think sun signs can help you discover the person in front of you faster, it doesn’t leave room for other factors that are incorporated into each person’s character such as unique complexes due to difference in upbringing or due to different upbringing or family circumstances in general.

Some people have a certain talent or insight into understanding peoples personalities by means of body signals or words between the lines etc. But not all of us have this talent. That’s where I think sun signs come in handy as a TOOL  for information that is “nice” to know, but definitely not as criteria of judgment. So, don’t let a sun sign stop you, who knows what you may be missing whether it be sun, earth, fire, or water.

~A spoken word is a moment. A written word is eternal~

Moe R.