Into the oblivion

So much to say , fewer to hear and even fewer to understand. It’s just meaningless words or is it my imagination swinging around me with my troubled mind??!

A kindling made of fear starts my firing suspicious.

A view of a new day boundless thoughts come out of my head.


When does this madness stop? Shall i ever enjoy the taste of happiness in my lonely heart again?

Or will the crazy fear of the unknown always lock my eyes like a chain preventing me from seeing hope.

These voices came again: I don’t know know when they appear or when they came from but i know they so show up.


Somehow listen to their sweet wise voices: they are like the tune

That comes with every new rising sun, you don’t hear it you just feel it.

These voices told me this new sun has good news.

That is why this shallow breathing every morning is felt through my lungs.
For a fraction of time I thought I had surrendered.

Then life passes through me once again but it’s never the end of fear and never will be.

It’s just hope for a better sun than the one that has passed by me..




~A spoken word is a moment. A written word is eternal~
Moe R.