On a different note…Love!

:قالت ولادة بنت الخليفة المستكفى فى حبها للوزير ابن زيدون
“أغار عليك من نفسي ومني، ومنك ومن زمانك والمكان.. ولو أني خبأتك في عيوني، إلى يوم القيامة ما كفاني”

 نحمد ربنا ان الحب مبقاش بالجنان ده و ندعى لأخونا ابن زيدون بالرحمة لا تكون ست ولادة بتطارده و عايز تجيبه من ديله لحد دلوقتى 

Waladah the daughter of the caliph “Al mostakfey” mentioned in her love to the minister “Ebn Zaidoun”:
(I’m jealous of my soul & myself, jealous of you and your time & place…and even if i hid you in my eyes, till the end of days it won’t satisfy me)

Now we should be thankful how nowadays we days ladies don’t insanely love this way and we must pray for our brother Ebn Zaidoun with peace as miss waladah might be still haunting for an eternity to come 

The Andalusian princess "Waladah Bent El Mostakfy"

Uhh but well…
Love is about sacrifice. That’s what everybody says. But what kind of sacrifice? Nobody says much.
Most people take the fact that love is about sacrifice for granted and keep on sacrificing the wrong things. Examples of wrong things that you can sacrifice include your dignity, your being, or your principles.


You cannot let go your dignity under any circumstances, simply because love is about mutual respect. It’s wrong to be blind in love, because love is supposed to open your eyes, not block you from everything; it’s the light that should guide you through. So how can you be blind when there is light?


Another thing that is not subject of sacrifice is your being and who you are. You cannot simply give up your personality just because your partner does not like it, or is not giving you the chance to get along. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t seek compromise, that’s why it’s so important to be able to differentiate between compromise and sacrifice. Your partner should accept you the way you are, and take you as a whole package, with your goods and bads, and should leave you to seek perfection on your own, not push you towards it, because it won’t be as efficient.


Last and never the least: your principles! These are rules you always put for yourself, you have to be strong enough to make others follow them and not get influenced by others that contradict yours, especially in romantic relationships. Rules are rules, and if the person you are with respects you enough, he/she’ll be able to respect your rules as well





~A spoken word is a moment. A written word is eternal~


Moe R.