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Away from the awesomeness of Barney’s theories; Has anyone who had attempted to go out and find a woman to date, or even have a relationship with will most certainly understand that there is a very thick line that separates a woman from a man in respect to the level of “to the core” dishonesty they each dish out.

The reasons behind this may very well be sociological so no one gender has a natural genetic affinity towards a form of behavior, but whatever the precursor may be, it still remains a fact that women are, it seems, beastly liars.

So I thought it would be interesting to intelligently think of questions that a person can ask a man and get an honest answer about, while a woman will, for the most part, not even know that she is lying when she answers it.

Mind you this is obviously not inclusive of all women and men, and is more “on the average”.

Here’s a simple one:

((Do you find me attractive?))

Most men, when asked this question, know whether they do or not and to some extent choose to answer it honestly or dishonestly depending on whether they want to try to play hard to get.

A woman, on the other hand, will actually be frightened by the possibility of finding a man attractive for the loss of power that she senses on the horizon. As a result, her reaction will almost always be obfuscated, at best, and completely dishonest on average.

Even feeling it scary, let alone admitting it to him.

~A spoken word is a moment. A written word is eternal~