No One..

No one, that is who I am.

My talents emotionless. My vision’s obscured. Neither painter nor poet; I’m blind to the art.

Beauty and wonder are mute. Destruction and sorrow erased. I neither see evil nor do I understand its purpose. I walk over grace and virtue and turn my back to the meaning of power and justice.

Dark is just a shade I have yet to master or even comprehend. Light shines at me but it never gazes through me.

No one, that is who I am.

I throw words at a paper hoping something sticks. I make lines on a canvas imagining something grand. But they mean nothing. They express nothing.

I can’t grasp originality. Out of tune and off beat, all I do comes off stale. Repeating the same sour note, my feelings are bland.

No one, that is who I am.

A reflection of my past works is all I seem to be.


~A spoken word is a moment. A written word is eternal~

Moe R.