We lost Our Cover!

The loss of privacy is a rising issue among web rights activists as more and more users sign up to share their lives with the world. If a major exploit is ever found that allowed anyone to see anything posted or otherwise told on any media site, it would have huge repercussions for both the users and the network’s good status.

Measures must be taken by social media developers for their users’ sakes to stop the misuse of private information, take action against the posting of media containing non-consenting individuals and their own carelessness in handling user data.

Privacy is being thrown out the window along with inhibition against sharing even the most private things which is leading to a whole market based on user data. The loss of privacy is affecting users in myriads of ways with self confessions, private information theft and the scrutinizing eye of their peers reporting all that they do. The participation in social media comes at a very high price. With privacy shriveling at a rapid pace with no signs of stopping, at what point will we be putting it in museums along with the remnants of our individuality?

~A spoken word is a moment. A written word is eternal~

Moe R.