Wondering Beyond…

Hello there fellow bloggers and readers, I apologize for the time i have taken away from writing for a while and I highly do appreciate the messages that I got from some people it was incredibly overwhelming I must say; nevertheless the past couple weeks the constant thought on my mind was on how my life has changed much?

In terms of creativity, understanding and being less energetic than I used to, I sure did have gained much tolerance & patience than before yet the thought still stands on where did all that enthusiasm go and that sense of renewal & wonder I used to have or am I actually limiting myself on my own indirectly?

I just need to ask, How often do you get that great feeling of wonder- when your imagination and thoughts go flying off and you get this mild sense of euphoria?
Sadly for me as the years go by those moments have become so fleeting and rare. But as a young boy a lot of things did that for me, book’s illustrations, photographs artworks movies etc.
But in my 20s it all took off like a psycho rocket when I started hanging out less, work more, chill more and belittle many aspects around me that I used to major before.
Has anyone else noticed the growing absence of these feelings as you age?
My thought is that as adults (or almost pseudo-Adults in my case) we have to focus and or settle on a reality so these feelings leave us as our minds close down so to speak we have learned what our reality has to be and we accept that and in a sense we stop learning or at least set up parameters and presumptions which are necessary to move forward but hinder us in different ways.

Shall I now live as I never quite dared to do earlier on, when responsibility (and timidity) weighed heavily? Or shall I take even more care, now that I am gradually growing weaker, not to risk shortening my future?



How long would you like to live?” He asked
“Well, “I wouldn’t want to have my life prolonged till I become a nuisance. I’d like to live as long as life is bearable for me and as long after that as I am bearable to life, anything I’d like a few years to think it over.” I answered


~A spoken word is a moment. A written word is eternal~

Moe R.