The Truth is….to Live!

I don’t believe that any of us can write anything down, and have it be presented as a final truth in our society. Sure we could write that “murder” is wrong. And we would mostly agree. But no outstanding philosophy on theology, metaphysics, or psychology can be created that will last as a final truth forever. No man can achieve this.
Even the great philosophers of east and west, who have written many “outstanding” truths, hold no final truths in their works. None of us can fully obtain enlightenment while we live. For none of us can think like a god. Not even the wisest of men.
Yet here we come every day looking for constant truth, or reaffirmation of what we have already, or to tell others of what we think is a constant truth. Along the way of saying that the only thing we can know for certain is nothing at all.
At the start of my philosophical means of understanding this knowledge didn’t really bother me. But after a few years it has taken almost all my desire, for that rapture that I feel when I learn something new, and “philosophically” profound. What if anything can be done with the philosopher who no longer wants to philosophize?

For instance, throughout history the number one cause of the rise (and fall) of civilization is conflict.

Harmony does not give rise to civilization. For example, the last people who lived in harmony with the world were the ancient Egyptians; They respected nature and lived with it, albeit, in huts and without air conditioning. Both rivers and oceans remained pristine until the “promised” Old World inhabitants conquered North Africa, massacred them and destroyed the harmony that existed with Mother Earth.

Conflict, on the other hand, brought us nuclear weapons, two world wars, the destruction of ecology, the violation of human rights, violation of animal rights, slavery, weapons of mass destruction, terrorism, commercials, global warming, serial killers, blogs, etc…. Who in today’s world is happy?

Exactly, None can rule the planet because of conflict. Most of today’s technology was built to thwart off military attacks and build one’s military more powerful than the others.
In the end, all the conflict that exist in the world today will end in the collapse of civilization over power.

On my mind power is irrelevant. Nevertheless, I can’t certainly say that I can handle the ramification that comes with it. But I should have to assume that one cannot achieve such power if one cannot handle it. What I’m trying to express is my recent thoughts that philosophy is a good thing, but it must be dealt with lightly. Too much is horrendous. We are to live rather than wonder why we live. And it is the living that is far more important than the wondering. I think it’s important that we go through such times where we wonder, but in the end it seems to me that we must give it up. We must stop questioning and just LIVE…

~A spoken word is a moment. A written word is eternal~

Moe R.