Can anyone ever be free?

The idea of freedom is a concept only mentally conceived . For one to be free, I believe that one needs to look beyond just what other people can do to constrain someone else; Things like forces of the universe I.E. Gravity, physical form and so on.

The second part of being free is how one goes on conceiving things. How you comprehend them,everyone thinks differently therefore we all have different levels of perception onto what we think freedom is (at least for people who live in countries that allow such rights to be taken advantage of), but beyond that I have never met anyone free of prejudice and absolutely accepting everything around him/her.

I would say freedom is harmony & achieving equality. That’s why, the concept of freedom if it was to be applied literally then its “One being free of emotions (good and bad), desires (hunger, thirst & lust), pride, needs and hope; if their non-existence defines total freedom then what would be the point of living, trying and striving! You’d have nothing to feel freedom towards really.

You know also Death is freedom, where everyone and everything become completely & inevitably equal.

Freedom is equality and equality is a form of balance and as for balance, it’s what frees one from the constraints of reality.

A world that is all free would be a world with no boundaries. In a literal sense, that means we could all move in any direction we wanted to regardless of gravity. In a figurative sense, it would be a world where rules did not exist because everyone, as you’ve said, would be free to do whatever they wanted regardless of consequence. This can never happen however, because the consequence of an action you take can limit the freedom of another. Therefor, the only “free” world in that sense is a world where people take no action at all.

In the end, We’re free enough to question. We’re free enough to have much knowledge or little. And still have more to seek. We’re free enough to want. To want more. Or less. We are free enough to limit ourselves. Free enough to impose on someone elses freedom. Free enough to share freedom. Free enough to give, and to take. We are free enough to realize we are free. And if we haven’t, we are free enough to find out.

“I’m speaking of Freedom”
(The priceless one…The one itself has a price)

~A spoken word is a moment. A written word is eternal~

Moe R