Ladies & Gents..

Every lady ever existed is simply beautiful for something she has and only her has it; yet every lady ever existed can be very ugly for something or more she shares with other ladies.
For Beauty is a unique definition that every woman has its certain share of in different means and fashions, yet Grotesque can uncannily be shared between many women though they can change it still.

Every gent that has a lady can be extremely lucky when she shares that certain beautiful portion she owns; though can be extremely unfortunate if she showed him the many grotesque she can offer if he is not that special to her.

The point is, you will never ever find a perfect woman
And you will never ever find a perfect man,
You sure will find human beings who are imperfect by nature and that’s the enticing part, why find everything remarkable in one another when you can find a special significant something that only you two found in each other and can share…Just live life, accept, repent, contemplate, wonder, love, hate and simply breath. For it’s only a full one time experience..

~A spoken word is a moment. A written word is eternal~

Moe R