“A picture a day, Keeps Negativity Away”

Dear Facebook Maniacs, Social Media savvies, bloggers, friends, family, colleagues, trainees and creepy stalkers
I will be launching tonight the kick off a simple project through an album on my page “A picture day, keeps Negativity away”!
Every day I’ll be posting a picture representing a positive theme for the day and the Everest is to continue the posts all the way to a full year; you will be more than welcome to post your interesting & creative comments below the pix even share your own positive contribution onto the initiative either through posting it or sending me on the Inbox to include it in the album. I’ll be numbering the days and let’s see how far we can spread the word..So share the pix, invite your friends and spread your own flavor onto it and probably after a year passing by we would have managed to create a massive positive cult only trying to make everyday passing by worth living.



Day 1
“When you’re her age, what will matter to you the most?”
My answer is that I would have left a legacy, a thought or an idea that can be beneficial enough that it would spread through and wide across many minds & souls.
What about you?!


~A spoken word is a moment. A written word is eternal~

Moe R