The path to Emotions..

I find that for the number of years I have discussed things with people, the vast majority when faced with a logically probable statement, generally find it distasteful and/or inherently rude/wrong/evil.

There is an apprehension towards it. I surmise this apprehension is primarily because people view logic as the enemy to their vice, which is generally the topics that interest me to begin with so it makes sense that people react aggressively towards it. They seem to think, you seem to think that where there is logic there is no free emotion.

That is the basis upon which I am sharing this thought – that all the defenses we have to protect the freedom we have to pursue our vices, the things we think we must do to protect ourselves and survive, the only things that make us feel good, all trick us into really thinking that if one is logical that one becomes inherently mechanical.

I have discovered repeatedly, as I experienced it a moment ago, a cleaner more unmolested joy that arises from logical thoughts and perspectives. They are the same perspectives I may have had my whole life, arbitrarily due to the pursuit of logic, but as I begin to absorb them and they manifest as a primary perspective in my mind, I begin to feel them.

Much as one can look at a flower and think there is god there, if one takes the time to examine it, learn all there is to learn about it, then stare at it and know that it is currently converting sunlight and water into glucose, it is possible that this thought could create such an overwhelming sense of joy that would surpass any short lived euphoria one could attain dreaming of God.

People are not trained or taught these things, which I’m certain will become important in the future, when more of these concepts become commonplace, but for those of you that want to live as humans will hundreds of years from now, try to apply such great concepts now.


That is, that anything logical eventually leads to the epitome of emotional joy, and anything illogical is inherently a fix.

Even as I write this, I am aware, fully, that it is an illogical idea to write this, because no one who reads it will gain from it, as no one has gained anything from anything I have ever written, except for a select few that need not read it here for they have access to me in reality. Therefore, this is a fix, entertaining the hope that someone will be enlightened by it, encouraged, which will certainly be short lived despite the notion in some who read it that if they feign being moved, they will feed my need for this fix to gain power over me.

It is therefore joyful not to write this, not to post this. That is logical which means that will lead to joy. So why do I post it? An experiment perhaps, but then, that makes it a logical act of investigation, and the original purpose is no longer in existence.



~A spoken word is a moment. A written word is eternal~

Moe R