That Time We Met

I wrote this piece by 4 am in the morning as a challenge, she challenged me to think about something to write her that would be significant and true; she challenged me to carve with words our common thoughts and make a mental picture using only written meanings.

And I did it!

I did it so fast that she was impressed how can I come up with something that quick, but my passion towards her was intense, that the later remorse which came to me after knowing how she disappeared on me was also very much intense…


Let me me take you onto a ride flash-backing into that time

That time we met…



That time we met
I was on my own looking around
Wondering how people can still believe
In each other & the ones around them

That time we met
I had my mind busy with life struggles
I never thought meeting an old friend
Can lead me into living an entangling tale

That time we met
I knew I had a friend

We saw eye to eye
Each other we could comprehend

That time we met
I thought you were so smart
A strong, unique personality
Who would dwell easily to my heart

That time we met
We bonded so quickly
Becoming great friends
Who sought each others company

That time we met
I kept gazing
Those alluring eyes,
Your vibrant voice,
It kept me mesmerized.

That time I engaged 
Conversations with you, in short slips,
Smiling- fascinated,
Sweet nothings passing our lips,
Smitten—simple charm of yours,
Hiding a simple white dress.

That time, you entered my world,
Amazed was I-the thought that,
If you would disappear from my life,
How then, live life, not thinking of you.


Till now it’s a mystery
Waiting soon to unfold
Into what? I still can’t be told

Soon after we met & when we always do
We go on endless circles
But on our minds we keep pacing
More than the tires holding us chasing time
Not wanting dawn to ever come
As the night to us is always young

That time we met
Seems so far away
But always remember this
I’ll be always here to stay.

~A spoken word is a moment. A written word is eternal~

Moe R