True Empathic Civilization

A look at the world of the Nukak Makú takes us back to our ancestral roots and reassures us that people who love animals are more compassionate, caring and kind to their peers than those who ignore or worse, abuse them. “A civilization can be judged by how it treats its animals.” This statement by Mahatma Gandhi reminds us that compassion is the solution to many of our current problems.In 1988 the world learns that there are communities that live in remote forests without any contact with our civilization. These ethnic groups located in Guaviare, Colombia brings us a message of primal love and solidarity that really amazes us. Anthropologists were impressed by their clear eyes, their serenity, and by their strong emotional bonds and expressions.Their body Signals and semiotics impressed those who ever contacted them, people who witnessed their innocence, how they relate and communicate with each other, and the way they see the World. Naked, agile, free, and absolutely adapted to the forest, the Nukak Makú are immune to malaria but fragile against the common flu.
Anthropologist Gustavo Polaris talks about them in his last interview: “What I observed in all groups is that they are very supportive of each other. Societies are based on cooperation for survival. If there is an orphan, they all take charge in his upbringing. If there is a sick one, they all cater him. And if someone cannot hunt, they feed him. They have very strong helping rules. There is neither poor nor rich, they are all the same. There is no surplus, no one works for the other”
The Nukak Makú not only create links among themselves but also build strong connections with their animals, to the point that they end up adopting the orphaned offspring of apes and become their relatives; by breastfeeding them and carrying them on their heads almost permanently until they become adults and get returned to the jungle.It’s amazing the bond of love and compassion that is created between the Nukak and their animals, keeping in mind these animals are also their food. It really makes us think of our civilization that mistreats, abuses and tortures any creature that serves as food, coating or help.
Is it not this lack of compassion the root of all our conflicts that only generate violence and pain?

~A spoken word is a moment. A written word is eternal~

Moe R