Am I listening to Myself?!

Ask yourself this question… Am I listening to myself?

Surely to be aware of what’s going, I must be listening…

Well, maybe not.

When you’re dreaming you’re not fully aware of the full context of what you’re experiencing.
You may be splitting your attention between two sources of information, and not truly listening to both.

What if it’s something I’m saying or doing?

Even then you may not be fully aware (if such full awareness exists).

With reasoning it may be that there are only degrees of listening, based on numbers and chunking of information.

Also, there must be some sort of rough threshold that relates to having listened enough to have been aware of necessary information to use that information properly.

Lesser awareness can often be the cause of making certain mistakes. Juggling attention on various elements is often necessary, and mistakes are made.

Back to the question… “Am I listening to myself?”
The answer is always “to a degree…”

~A spoken word is a moment. A written word is eternal~

Moe R