She had a smile that could wipe away the world
Her hands radiated love with every wave
He thought I want to live forever with her
Looking in her eye’s raining drops of heaven

He couldn’t help but think this is beauty
She had a man who occupied her bedside
And he had a girl who already had claimed him
He talked to the girl for nights into the late hours

One day she left that man for a better life
Sitting and talking to the boy about her former love
He knew this relationship was going to thrive
A life they would get to spend together

Many months past and closer they grew
His eyes took on her perfect glimmer
That June they took it to world
Quickly friends heard the word

They spent the days by each others sides
And the nights on the phone emotions swelled
Season changed and so did something in one of them
So there goodbye’s were told

That boy sits alone in a land far away
And writes about that girl now distant and alien
He thinks about how they used to talk about each other in gale
And says out loud that her love is what he would love to gain.

He knows he can’t expect her to give it
But he can dreams up her illuision
He screams it once more “I will get her back”
He knows this like white is white and black is black.


~A spoken word is a moment. A written word is eternal~

Moe R