There Ain’t No Freedom Drug

At the end of my rope,
After all energy had been expended

Past prayer,
Long past hope and courage
Positive thinking
And personal delusion.

When the sun raised every morning
But I could no longer see it

When sugar still existed,

And I filled my fridge with cake

There was no drug
There was no cake
There was no music
Nor any film.

The view from a balcony
Or the sound of raindrops
Which echoes some beauty in some memory
Not accessible to me.

There is no drug
That alleviates the situation

Freedom is freedom.
And marijuana
Or psychedelic
Or alcohol
Or cake.

They come
And as they come
As they bend my will
I smile
I may smile.

But nothing has changed.
Nothing is different.
Nothing is achieved

For even when I smile,
Or laugh,
Or talk or cry.
Someone inside me,
Something inside me.

It knows.

I am not free yet liberal in my choices towards Life

& there ain’t no drug.



~A spoken word is a moment. A written word is eternal~

Moe R