Economy between Logical & Utopian

In my opinion that the world economy is nothing more than a house of cards.

In the past a country’s currency was backed by precious metals. Today all countries print money at will with nothing more than empty promises backing it up.
I live in Cairo, Egypt and I  used to hear things on the news in the morning like; the president says unemployment rates are down and and it looks like we’re back on track. In my opinion the only way to get on the right track is to start making our own products again and stop outsourcing everything we do and use.

If drastic changes are not made soon the entire house of cards is going to collapse and send the world into a depression that may not be escapable.













Yet here is a thought; will we ever have a world without the need for currency?
Our form of currency is by far flawed and won’t bring any peace or save lives with the greed we get from it. All money does is get used for prostitution, drugs, murder and other horrible acts man seem’s to repeat in every century.

Why can’t we create a system that turns all classes of citizens worldwide into equals or at least allow all of them to have stuff only upper class people have.

My idea would change world currencies into a credit based system where we all receive a set Amount of “$$” that cannot be traded given or exchanged every pay period by working and attending school per person/household. All students would have to work and attend classes but, they would not have to be working full time and attending classes to survive so they could focus on studies and possibly achieve something in their lives instead of dropping out of school like most people do and live their lives in a low class job.
Every pay period everyone’s credit would be reset to a set amount erasing anything left over from last month.
The only reason the credit would be necessary is so people couldn’t just go into a store and empty the shelves and live like slobs.

If we keep living our lives with our current system over population around the world with advancing technology will lead to fewer and fewer jobs world wide leaving many either homeless or very poor working half the time just so businesses don’t have to pay them health benefits or so multiple people can earn a basic living from half of a paycheck.
I’m not saying communism is a good idea (No country should be lead by one figure who controls everything) and bartering is just plain stupid. But again…I’m only having insane thoughts.







~A spoken word is a moment. A written word is eternal~

Moe R