((YES)) Or ((NO))

Dearest C-Town and Friends,

Speaking of the current mass political fiasco we are be-witnessing now in the country, I believe the most righteous thing to do is to really look into the decision each has to make for a change.
Try to not to be engulfed or redirected by the people’s perceptions and different point of views; if we do praise the uniqueness of ourselves we should not let any thought or behavior affect our judgment yet also we have to be part of the solution than being part of a problem then later we would only do nothing but self loath and regret…yet we were the core reason behind it BECAUSE we choose for it to happen.

Your constitution is your way of life and your holly political statement to come for you and probably a generation after you; do notice that you are holding on your mere shoulders the responsibility of a nation’s life not just yours…

Geniuses do point the way to exist in abundance, but mediocrity’s true prophet has yet to emerge. We may not be able to choose many directions to go, but at least we still have the choice to walk around the path we desire.Read, understand, listen attentively, think, analyze, decide, choose and then ACT.

~A spoken word is a moment. A written word is eternal~

Moe R