Ride the energy of your own unique spirit

While listening to the serenading voice of “Rima Khachieh” taking me to far away lands and worlds that I wish to see and live between as its vibrating a great positive effect on me from how tasty the music is…YES it’s tasty and very much delicious to the ear & soul.

It vibrates positive energy as many would say; Yet I hear a lot of talk about negative energy these days, and what to do about energy monsters, negative people, & bad vibrations. I’d like to introduce you to a different perspective in hopes that it will relieve your fears about “negative” energy.

For the lack of better words, I’ve had the experience of waking up – in which it is “realized” that there is only one energy and that energy is an all prevailing vast pure Love where human love is a mere whisper of.
No you, no me, no atomic bomb or pepperoni on pizzas… everything is just energy. Is this actually true? I don’t know. It sure seems like the ultimate reality.


What I have discovered is that since the mind is always going to believe in something, it may as well believe in uniqueness since that belief feels loving and gets me much nicer experiences on earth. So, I believe that no one can hurt me with their “negative” energy or steal energy from me, because there is only one endless supply of energy that is neutral. Because I believe in uniqueness, I don’t have the experience of people sucking energy from me. I can feel that they are trying to suck energy from me, and that lets me know that they don’t understand or believe that we are made of an infinite energy source, but I never get hurt from someone trying to suck energy from me unless I myself have forgotten the deeper truth of my own uniqueness. I can feel compassion for anyone who thinks they must suck energy from another person, drug, sugar, or caffeine, in order to “get energy”.

While there is no such thing as negative energy, there is definitely energy that I don’t prefer feeling. I don’t usually enjoy hanging out with people that consistently feel a need to suck energy because they’re usually not very fun, not because they can harm me.

Sure, in the physical realm, if someone comes at you with a knife and the intent to do you harm, it could save your body and life to defend yourself. If you are around someone very ill, their physical illness may migrate to your body. Also, an ill person’s energy is very consumed with getting them well, so they can feel draining to be around. A belief in a finite limited energy gets you the experience of energy running from greater to lesser, so if you are going to be around someone sick, it is best to enter their space feeling great and full of energy.

In the energy realm, if someone intends to do you harm or is very sick, it depends on your beliefs whether or not harm to you can happen. If their beliefs hook into your beliefs, perhaps some unpleasant circumstances or sensations could follow. But, if they don’t, their intent to harm will have nothing to grab onto, nowhere to land, and it will just disappear leaving you completely well and FINE.

There are elaborate ways to protect yourself from “negative” energy, that in themselves can feel very draining to keep in place. Instead, you can just remind yourself that everything, including you, is neutral infinite energy. That belief in itself is inherently energizing. When people work in stressful situations, such as rescue workers, parents, and doctors and nurses, it is helpful to have reminding practices in which you repeatedly tell yourself and allow yourself to FEEL the endless supply of energy you are. I do this often while in motivating sessions or driving through Cairo’s hectic traffic. Then you are sure that since there is nothing but energy, no energy can ever harm you


“There’s no such thing as negative energy. All energy flows from a source. That source of Energy is pure love. Therefore, all energy is based in love. And, since everything is energy, everything is based in love. Know that all your emotions, no matter what they are at any moment, are based on the love of source energy. So, feel everything fully. Experience every moment fully. And, bask on the love of Source Energy”


~A spoken word is a moment. A written word is eternal~

Moe Ash