Muscles = Man – Not so much muscles = Not a man at all

“What’s on the schedule today?”
Umm work, lunch and definitely hitting the gym to adhere to strict workout.”

A quote we hear a lot and frankly speaking we even do SAY a lot, yet due to mainstream and intense media that has manipulated our mind, I have just realized how bad men are having it these days. For example, I’m a pretty “powerful” guy when it comes to using words & writing. What does that mean (to me) is a man who is:

1) Intelligent
2) Humorous
3) Creative
4) Courageous enough to let people read his stuff

What I do might lack, to some extent, is some confidence. However, in a perfect world the previous characteristics would reflect a great deal of positivity towards me-self, thereby creating the logical fifth ideal: Confidence.

However, that has not happened. Well, it has in some small bursts. They were:

1) When I, for some reason, had momentary drifts and became super confident

2) Was desired by people around me, primarily because my appearance and skills matched what was deemed attractive at that time.

3) When I unknowingly demonstrated that I had money, or someone else was under that false impression.

The above three situations did not necessarily entail that I was confident, but they were non-reproduce-able instances where people around me treated me as though I was confident.


So, obviously, along with most men and women on this fine planet, one of my goals, if not an equally important and parallel goal to breathing and eating, was to generate that sort of reaction in a reproduce-able manner so that I could reap the benefits of it.

I tried:

1) Buying a treadmill or go jogging around the neighborhood. I looked cool, but it wasn’t enough. It seemed lots of other people had the same idea.

2) Offer nice things to people & objects even candy. This works, but is not an agreeable method of acquaintance, and it does not really entail that I am a respected person – I have just made their analysis of me being soft.

4) Be funny and honest (myself).

5) Be a massive prick.

6) Lied once or twice before about certain matters.

7) Surround myself with seemingly different people due to their group associations. However, everyone, in the end, is the same.

8) Occupy myself with my own independent passions, becoming indifferent of wanting that attention. Marginally works, but always picks at you.

9) Pursue making lots of money. This sort of works, but not entirely. You will get more attention, but it is still somewhat up to the environment to decide. My guess is that this will work better than all of the previous suggestions, but is not entirely under your control (Because you can’t guarantee that you can become rich), and you can’t guarantee that the people around you won’t group up to alienate you as the rich guy.

There may be more. But let’s cut to the only one that works for men:

Grow Muscles & Get Buffed.

It’s really quite interesting because at first thought you would think so many guys are ripped so it shouldn’t make that much of a difference right?

Well, there’s a right way and there’s a wrong way.

“Beef Gorilla” is a guy who looks like his muscles have been inflated with air. He doesn’t look “Attractive” but his muscles stick out. A lot of the time these guys don’t seem to fit their body, but you can’t argue that they are ripped. They have no real world strength or stamina. You can out run them; you can out do them in real world activities because their muscles were gained through extremely organized and limited movements in the gym. A large majority of guys do it this way because this is the way you get buff the quickest.


But you won’t stick out in a group of buff guys.

That doesn’t mean it won’t work. It will work. When you walk around you will get looked at. You can put your picture up on a website or stand out in a crowd. You will always be able to find that one girl who wants to feel your abs.

But I’m talking about the real buff now. The kind you see in the movies, and all the big actors that seem to have sort of a “natural” buff look that makes them look like men.

This is where your body, your actual skeleton has changed to accommodate your need to be a bigger, stronger, tougher man. Your muscles coat your body as your body needs it and you don’t have big muscles that are alien to your natural posture and movements.
There is a subconscious effect this will have on the receiver. It makes the receiver look at this man as more of a man. More productive, more real, more strongmore powerful.


You will get most of these benefits from being a Beef Gorilla too. But you will get it just a little bit more if you have a more natural look.
The interesting thing is the difference in people’s reactions to you as a buff man versus a skinny man is tremendous. You can be goofy as a buff man, and you are taken to be a powerfully humorous man. As a skinny man you are taken to be a desperate man who has nothing but humor.

If you are mad as a skinny man, you are a lonely reject. If you are mad as a buff man, something wrong has happened and people better figure out how to fix it.

If you are attracted to a girl as a skinny man, your hopes are 50% chance of yes or no. As a buff man you’re more likely having the confidence to own the situation.

The list goes on and on. And though these are highly effective and accurate stereotypes, they have no relevance to the real essence of what it means to be a man. To be a human..

An angry skinny man is as powerful as a buff angry man. As much vigilance, as much rage, and as much power to inflict destruction to those around him.
A loyal skinny man is just as courageous, just as honest, just as decent, just a sincere.
A funny scrawny man is just as assertive, just as confident, and just as valuable as a buff man.

But that is not the way the world works. And so, the skinny man sees himself as being weak, and the buff man sees himself as strong.

Being humane is what counts, be a proper human being whether you are buffed or NOT.


~A spoken word is a moment. A written word is eternal~

Moe Ash