Your Life, Your Brand

Guess it’s about time for me to unleash this subject I have been wanting to discuss for some time now and by the way, I’m actually working on studying it professionally so I can master my way in it.

Yet so far this is my insights about it, well let me start this off with a question that’s extremely simple yet trickingly-deep,

“How do you want people to perceive you?!”

I told you it’s tricky! And simply, that’s the basic most primitive question that you should answer when we start discussing: ” Personal Branding”
What Is personal Branding 1st?
According to Wikipedia, a personal brand is a “creation of an asset that pertains to a particular person or individual; this includes but is not limited to the body, clothing, appearance and knowledge contained within, leading to an indelible impression that is uniquely distinguishable”.

You can’t escape your personal brand. You are the CEO of your company and the CEO of your life.


We live in a time when each of us is a personal agent competing representing ourselves.
Your personal brand is the way you treat each customer we deal with.
It’s the way you carry yourself at work, how early you come in, and how late you stay; and the quality of work you do for your customers and employers.
It’s your personal code of ethics reflected in every decision you make in life when you deal your family, friends and peers.

If you’d like applause for providing top notch service to your employer and/or customers and to get the admiration from about the people circling you.

Here are some questions guide to revolutionize your personal branding.

Simple questions to Set your branding on fire

* What is it my product or service does that makes it different and as a person what am I different with than any other?

* What qualities or characteristic makes me distinctive from my competitors or my colleagues?

* What features or benefits do my skills, my websites, my podcasts offer that makes me stand out to my clients and people who view me?

* What can I do that adds remarkable, measurable, and distinctive value?

* What do I do in my job, on my blog, or in my life that I am most proud of?


* What values do I want to live by?


* Do I realize that everything I say, everything I wear, every attitude I adopt, and how I perform at my job or business service continuously defines my brand?

* What do I want to be famous for?  [Yes, it’s okay to wish for fame in the way you provide fantastic value to others!]

Just go and get them already!!


There’s an old children’s song I remember from a book I read, whose lyrics start out with, “It only takes a spark, to get a fire going.”

It only takes a decision to act, and the smallest next action to get the fire of your personal branding going.


  • Answer all the questions above
  • Decide on which strengths you want to build on.
  • Design a project that will add value to your company, your customers and for most to yourself.
  • Write a publication for your local paper or an industry newsletter (or any means of publication closer in the meaning, if you can).
  • Compile a talk or presentation for a community or volunteer group.
  • Record it all on your social media profile (Facebook, linkedin, tumblr)


Before you know it, your fire will be providing warmth to a world of customers looking for the heat of excellence you will be providing.

You and only you, so go get them!!

Moe Ash

~ A spoken word is a moment. A written word is Eternal ~