A glimpse About Me

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If you want to know why I’m on this blog ….read on!

I’m known by many names,
And seen in many forms.
I’m nowhere!

I have no limitations,
Yet I’m restricted by life.

I’m somewhere!
Roadblocks and one ways surround my outer walls,
While mazes and riddles consume my inner thoughts.

Just Call me…Moe!

I am training executive
I am an ex UN staff member

I am an amateur writer
I am an amateur singer
I am an ex guitarist

They say I am a sarcastic restless persona that is always hungry for everything alluring and interesting. Intellect makes me gladly helpless before it like a seven year old wanting to take ride on all of the arcade games and swings.

But what i am sure of is that I’m a person with a vision; and as cliche’ as it might sound my vision is simply to give something back to the society that I’m living within & between, as in an exciting 27 years of age I have gained, lost, bargained, experienced and endured much that turned me into a 60 year old geezer from inside yet still with the mere characteristics of a little childish kid.I attribute all my success, failure, achievements and downfalls to my almighty God of which I’m thankful for each & every aspect I have been granted through thee. If it wouldn’t have been for God’s grace I wouldn’t have lived to see & witness my life the way it has passed me neither would have I had the opportunity to write what I am writing right now.


My vision depends on the crumbs of knowledge life has acquainted me along with the ability to bind words into sentences that can mean something to the majority of people and from that sense I have started this blog

The purpose is to use this as a portal where I can transcend my words out to the people (specially my country men) also give the opportunity for people to contribute and participate,  As the subjects will be mainly about self development, self empowerment, daily life concerns, politics and a lot more

All what I’ll be asking for is for you to share your thoughts….